About Us

Medical Grade

EU BIOPHARM LTD. is a rising leader in the medical cannabis industry. In the emerging world of medical cannabis production, EU BIOPHARM stands out with its unique manufacturing plant which grows and processes cannabis products.

Our indoor facility is a fully controlled, pesticide-free environment airodroponic growth to ensure reproducibility and uniformity in every plant we grow.

The 2700sqm production plant is located in Ziporit Industrial Park in northern Israel.

The facility is equipped with a cutting edge laboratory, and
all extraction, production, packing and distribution proccesses are strictly regulated by IMC–GAP, EU-GMP, GDP, GSP and
ISO 14644.

Specialty & Growth

EU BIOPHARM’s aims to provide research and cultivation institutes a steady source of produce.

Our technical proficiency and postharvest quality control ensure consistent results, providing clients with a stable and reliable source of produce.

EU BIOPHARM offers rising entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry a cooperative opportunity by granting them access to our advanced research labs and manpower and working together with them to achieve unprecedented results.

EU BIOPHARM has supply agreement with ACA MULLER MEDICAL – a leading German medical, food and cosmetics distributor with representatives in over 100 countries.

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